Another “renewal” for the Urban’s

We’ve been busy the past couple of years with Looe Key Reef Adventures, a snorkel and fishing charter business here in the Florida Keys. This blog has been neglected but that is about to change. A month or so ago we bought a 5th wheel trailer, Susan left the employ of the local community college and we made plans to take an extended road trip and experience life in yet another different way.

We have been packing, figuring out what we need to take with us and are about to set sail “into the great wide open”. I’ll try to keep this site updated as we travel. We’ll also try and keep up with Facebook and Instagram while we figure out how to use social media to best stay in touch with our friends.

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GB AC install

The photo posting page on the GB forum isn’t working yet so I put them here for CatGotYourTongue.

Here is a shot of the face place I made to close off the unit. The return air duct is removed. If you look at the lower right you can just Continue reading

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For Dave -

Dave, I think the missing paint on the lower part of the bow is from rubbing the trailer loading or unloading and/or friction going through the water. I cant keep paint on my “points” either.

The starboard side seems to have the bulk of the problems. the hull on the port side is really free of defects except as noted.

There is one scrape on the starboard side. There are 3 or 4 places on the starboard side that look like “rash” where the paint did not adhere. On the stern you can see worn Continue reading

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Happy New Year

My first installment For the new year is a short video of my “Polar Bear Club” dip in the “frigid” waters of Cudjoe Key on Jan. 1, 2013. The “L Street Brownies” have nothing on me, eh?

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Early Thanksgiving in San Diego

I;ve been writing about going to Kelly’s in San Diego. The “main event” of our trip was the annual “Early Thanksgiving” celebration. This would be the second year for me. The idea is since most people spend Thanksgiving with family throw a full out Thanksgiving dinner and party and have Thanksgiving with your “family” of friends.

Last years Early Thanksgiving 2011 was a blast. This year Kelly was hosting it. We were there to help, but to make it more of a challenge we all booked ourselves into the San Diego Color Run Team urbanRenewal 2012 Color Run in the morning. We got home around noon looking like kaleidoscopes and scrambled to get things ready for guests arriving at 3 and dinner beginning about 4:30.
As the host we made the Turkey, stuffing, gravy and a Ham. Everyone else brought a side dish or dessert. It all came together perfectly and we even managed to clean up pretty well.

Well into the evening, after multiple rounds of food and dessert and well fortified with various beverages the rented Karaoke machine came out. Early Thanksgiving finished with a great party (even if the roller skates didn’t make an appearance ;) . There is video from just before closing time but it will remain locked up ( until I need it as leverage ;)

Great time, awesome people and we’re already looking forward to next year. But first, we double the holiday joy with Melissa and Dallas coming here to the Keys for the regular Thanksgiving next week. Life is sweet.

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Anza-Borrego Desert – East of San Diego

We just returned from a visit with Daughter Kelly in San Diego. One of our days was spent in the high desert about 90 miles east of San Diego. We got there via Julian which is the home of Julian apples and, of course, Apple Pie. After a quick stop to fortify ourselves we went over the mountain and started dropping down into the desert.

View from the Mountain Road

This particular patch of desert is home to Anza-Borrego State Park. Continue reading

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“Boys” on the Boat

Patrick and kids William and Jessie spent the day with Looe Key Reef Adventures yesterday. We headed offshore in pretty bouncy seas to troll for gamefish. We put in a good effort but the fish were just not cooperating. After a couple of hours we stopped at a deep wreck to drop jigs and bait but then the motion of the boat took it’s toll and Jessie had had enough. No problem! We headed back to the dock, had lunch and went to plan ‘B’. Continue reading

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Weather and Waterspouts

While out fishing yesterday we were woring out way back towards shore and watching the clouds thicken in front of us. By the time we got back to 400 feet of water the northern horizon disappeared in a wall of rain. The radar on our boat showed a narrow band of showers, 4 to 5 miles wide and fairly narrow just hanging from about American Shoals to Looe Key. The cool thing was the southwestern edge of the squall line kept spitting out waterspouts. Continue reading

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Summer Weather

We are officially into monsoon season here in the Keys. Anytime day or night it can go from perfectly clear to god awful storming in minutes and be over just as quickly. So, the other day out on the boat this suddenly developed.

I was getting ready to beat feet away but then, just a few minutes later it turned into this.

I was glad I wasn’t down cloud in that black section!

It’s just another thing that makes it fun to live here.

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Yikes, its a waterspout

I had a diving class and the boat was scheduled to leave at 1:30. About 12:30 I opened the door to start getting my stuff into the truck and this is what I saw in the direction I was heading.
Continue reading

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