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If you care about your health, the effects that food has on your body and improving your overall health I invite you to visit the Whole9Life website above.  The information and programs you find there are the product and passion of our daughter Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.  Fear not, they do not want to sell you supplements, vitamins or other diet-of-the-day junk products.  All they want to do is educate you on why most of the food in your cupboard is probably bad for you and show you how to choose foods that are good for you.

A cornerstone of their program is the Whole30.  It’s simple.  For 30 days you eat “clean”, following their recommendations for eliminating food that is bad for you and switching to foods that help enhance your health.


Susan and I have done it.  It was not hard.  It changed how we think about food and what we put into our body.  The lessons learned and benefits gained continue past the 30 days.   If you’ve read this far then don’t stop now.  Click on the Whole9 icon above and join literally thousands of others that are actively taking control of this part of their lives.

Recipe – Chicken Stew with Biscuits

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